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The Flower Is Meditating and other Books by Rainer Loveiam

The We live in a world that is fast, irrational and centered on survival. There is no time to stop and to contemplate the meaning of life. Before we know life has passed us by and left us with a few memories of better times. How often do we enjoy the luxury of joy and laughter. When we laugh we can move away from our conditioning and boredom. It is said that laughing is the closest to Enlightenment. If that is true we never want to stop laughing as we can laugh all the way to Enlightenment and beyond.

These books will make a great travel companion or gift for the special people in your life!

The Flower is Meditating

The Flower is Meditating


(Kindle Edition):

A book of very unconventional and provocative poetry. Contemplations about freedom, spirituality, awakening, love, sexuality, marriage, children, democracy, politics and moral, ethical and social issues. “The Flower Is Meditating” is not your ordinary poetry. It is an unconventional collection of provocative commentaries under the term ‘Socially Responsible Poetry’. “The Flower Is Meditating” jumps at you out of Pandora’s box containing unspoken truths which transcend cultural taboos and prejudices. Reading “The Flower” can help to understand our own helplessness, our personal dilemma, our isolation, our fears, our denial, our lack of courage and morality. Therefore it may become an exercise in self-awareness and awakening. These poems are complex and yet simple, captivating and memorable, satirical and inspiring. Quiet listening may lead to sudden understanding.

When the Zen Dust Settles

Zen Dust Cover Final Donna Ebook(Paperback):

A humorous and hilarious exploration of anti-traditional Zen koans, but not limited to it.  “Zen Koans of a Retired Zen Master” may remind us of our own confusion, illusion and ambivalence. You unexpectedly find yourself in an upside-down position where ordinary concepts of the world of Zen no longer apply. Funny, satirical, cynical, captivating, always inspiring and not to be taken too seriously. You need an open mind to step into the obscure world of a retired Zen Master. There are no secrets, no hidden Zen meanings, no puzzles, no “talking around the bush” but only straightforward truthful dialogues between a Zen Master and his students/devotees. Nothing learned in Zen before has prepared you for this unique Zen journey. If you have a good sense of humor or would like to start one, this book is the perfect travel companion as each koan can lighten or deepen your time in a crowded airport or lead to abrupt laughter in the middle of a bathroom visit.

You can now discover and enjoy the power of funny koans by following a Retired Zen Master. He doesn’t have a name as he likes to stay anonymous but he may live in your backyard or your beach house, you never know where you will come across him.

Other Books by Rainer Loveiam:
Überleben in der Glückseligkeit (German Edition):

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